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It seems that our children are surrounded at every turn with dangerous influences that seem to encourage or ignore substance abuse. In sports, television, movies and neighborhoods–there seems to be people who can use drugs and still be successful. How do we defy these influences so that we can keep our kids from succumbing to substance abuse and addiction?

dreamstime_m_12386690Drugs appeal to young people because it seems like it will solve some sort of problem. Sometimes being shy or feeling unable to fit in, different stressors in social, school or family situations, boredom or lack excitement can be a component.  They must see that the risks of using drugs far outweigh what they perceive as the benefits. Kids can understand this concept if it is expressed in their terms.

We at are here to teach kids -families- businesses- how to recognize the early signs of behaviors that can lead to addiction. We have studied and teamed up with professionals in the field related to the treatments of mental illness, addiction and depression. Our outreaches have proven to lead to positive outcomes in rallying recovery. Working with the “under 15” crowd with events and talking candidly about not having to be pressured into joining the crowds to use drugs and alcohol.  Our mission to hold awesome events that kids love, while effectively teaching prevention.

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