It is with a grateful heart that I have the privilege of being appointed to serve on the Board Of Directors with The Families Recover organization. My capacity will be as Director of Operations. I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity. My mission has been to help those who are in need and those who may not even know they need help. I have experienced and have been acquainted with individuals that have suffered with trauma, addiction, co-dependency, abuse, etc . I have been lucky enough to have an amazing support system but a lot of people do not. This is where I feel I can help the most! As I continue to heal, helping others, assists in this process even more! The cost for re-habilitation, counseling or just the necessary means such as food, water and shelter, have become so hard for those who do not have access to the support! Families of the ones who are in need are also suffering and being part of this organization means just that much more! To be able to raise money to provide some of what is needed, even if it’s a moment to make a child’s day, or the ability to help a family that has to choose between rent and food…we can be there as their support!

I also have an amazing platform called The American Dream TV Network where I am able to share positive media in a time when we need it the most! I am able to bring to light both locally and nationally local small businesses, our non-profits, 501©3, and everyone in between that is making a difference in our communities!

I look forward to working to make this world just a little bit better and brighter everyday!!