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In the Community

We at Families Recover are proud of our record of helping over 2100 people from families who were really hurting and devastated by addiction, to finding healing and headed on the road to recovery. Part of our mission is to work with judicial systems, counseling centers and schools that help at risk families that have lost their hope of successful living. Families Recover works with a team of professionals and committed volunteers to assure the families of addiction that we are there for them. Our goal of continued successful training of adults and mentoring of children in these fractured families to bring them back to healthy decision-making and productive lives is how we make a difference.

We have seen a lot of positive results that come from learning coping skills and finally believing that it doesn’t matter where you been, all that really matters is where you’re headed at Families Recover. It takes a team effort to get there.   Good decision-making doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and that’s why we work on getting help to young children in at-risk families. Families Recover reaches out to all of the local rehab centers as a victim’s advocate to get not only the person who is addicted into recovery, but instill a positive attitude for life in the other family members that are suffering with a sense of hopeless generational abuse of alcohol and drugs. There’s a guide on our website that talks about facilities around the nation that we endorse.

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