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We are a 501C3 Florida non-profit organization, which means all donations are tax-deductible for individuals or businesses. We raise money through community events, but otherwise, we pay everything out of pocket. We have big dreams of reaching all of the regions in the United States within 5 years.


Help at an event, assist our founder in his every day phone calls and tasks, listen to someone in need...whatever it takes, your efforts are always appreciated.

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Our partners have helped Families Recover impact and change the lives of over 2,100 adults with addiction, as well as bring awareness and educational programs to our youth. These important partners also provide help and hope to victims of addiction and their families.

Our Mission

The Mission for is to offer hope and support through Education, Prevention, and positive Intervention for families being torn apart by addiction. We  are driving to stop addiction before it starts in at-risk families nationally. We have a database of programs throughout the US to stand in the gap. Our staff of recovered professionals can identify and help teach the coping skills needed to overcome this generational problem.

Getting to the core issues and funding the needed counseling, we can restore the brokenness the family suffers. The teaching of positive and uplifting belief systems replace the negative and damaging actions through a proven method we provide.

For more information and to speak to our staff, please feel free to email us at or call 772-285-5828.

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