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Finding treatment for addiction can be overwhelming.  Sometimes there are too many options to sort through or none at all depending on insurance and location.

Ambrosia is our #1 Treatment Choice
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Ambrosia is well-known in the industry and has been for more than 10 years. With five locations across the country, they’re backed by 10K+ success stories and research partnerships with two universities. We recommend Ambrosia because they focus on quality care, family involvement and customized treatment plans. The care at Ambrosia is world-class, yet usually fully covered by private insurance.

Here’s the process for getting treatment:

1) Call the helpline: Addiction is frustrating and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Get answers and advice from admissions and family counselors who understand and have your best interest at heart.

2) Get insurance checked: Every insurance policy comes with different costs and coverages.  While it can get really complicated, all you have to do is provide the numbers on the insurance card. Admissions does all the leg-work to give you an outline of any out-of-pocket costs and your most cost-effective treatment options.

3) Talk to an interventionist: It’s not really like the TV show. A certified interventionist can give you tips on how to talk to your loved one about treatment and actually get them to come. During a free 30-minute call or video conference, the interventionist takes into account your family’s specific circumstances. Admissions can give you access to the interventionist’s calendar to schedule right away.

4) Help fill in the details: Admissions will hold your hand throughout the whole process of getting your loved one to treatment. Other than costs, this usually just involves booking travel and completing a quick pre-assessment over the phone.  Admissions can help with any legal and work-related paperwork as well.

5) Take a deep breath: Your feelings matter too! Be sure you’re taking care of yourself too.

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