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We welcome all donations. We are a Florida 501c3 Tax exempt Non-Profit organization, which means all donations are tax deductible for individuals or businesses. We raise money through community events, but otherwise we pay everything out of pocket. We have big dreams of reaching all of the regions in the United States within 5 years.

We accept donations via PayPal as well as by check or money order that can be mailed to Families Recover, PO BOX 691, Stuart, FL, 34995.  If you have questions or comments please contact us. Its as easy as 123, and you can be a part of saving families from the ruins of addiction.

Sample programs:
• $50 will allow us to hand out 10 breathalyzers.
• $100 will allow us to send a gift basket to a family who has lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident.
• $1000 will allow to put a family of 4 into 90 days of exercise and wellness training.
• $2500 will allow us to pay for (4) families of four through counseling.
• $3500 will allow us to provide a family of 4 job training, exercise, wellness training, counseling, rehab, and a life coach and workshops.

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